Custom Integrations and Solutions

With over a decade of experience designing, developing, and supporting  custom software integrations for the access control industry, Detrios is uniquely positioned to solve the challenges your business faces. Our development team is comprised of software engineers who have at least 15 years of software development experience and who have each worked in the access control industry for over 10 years. Our engineers have expertise in industry and manufacturer best practices as well as with both the core functionality and software APIs for all major access control systems.


We put the expertise we’ve gained from designing and developing hundreds of solutions, in virtually every industry, to work for you to create solutions that are robust, reliable, and supportable.

Data Sharing and Integration

Our development team has integrated many of the most popular business applications, including:


  • IDM/HR: PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday, Oracle IDM, SalesForce
  • Higher Education: Banner, Blackboard and CBORD
  • Resource Scheduling: CollegeNet 25Live, Dean Evans EMS, Asure Software 
  • Centralized Event and Incident Monitoring and Reporting Systems
  • Parking Management and Reservation Systems

Meeting Unique Challenges

Every business has unique requirements and processes that extend beyond sharing data between existing systems. Access control systems are designed to handle the most common scenarios most businesses will encounter with a standard installation.


Even the best systems, however, cannot anticipate the unique needs of every industry and every company.


Our team has over a decade of experience designing innovative solutions that take advantage of the core functionality of your access control system while extending and expanding upon that functionality to meet the unique requirements of your business. We will help you determine what requirements can be handled natively through creative use of standard functionality and which can be met best by extending your system through customization. 


Whether you need to customize the way that systems make decisions to support your business processes, enhance the experience of your visitors and employees, or meet industry regulations, Detrios has the experience required to take your access control system, building management systems, and critical business applications to the next level. 


Some examples of the kinds of integrations we have developed include:

  • Access Assignment Automation
    • Access assignment/unassignment based on configured rules
  • Access Decision Automation
    • Change the access allowed to personnel based on their previous activity
  • Threat Level Enforcement and Automation 
  • Live Muster Reporting via Mobile Devices and the Web
  • Custom and Industry-Specific Banned/Watch List Integrations
    • TSA No Fly List
    • TWIC CCL
    • Company-defined banned/blacklist
  • Elevator Integration
    • Destination Dispatch
    • Default Floor Calling
  • Room/Resource Scheduling
    • Automatically lock/unlock spaces based on reservations
    • Automatically assign access based on reservations

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