Detrios works with your stakeholders to turn your problem statement into a solution design that follows industry and manufacturer best practices while keeping the focus on your primary goal: solving a business need or filling a gap that brings value to your business and your people. 

Identify Gaps and Opportunities

Detrios will work with the stakeholders within your company to identify the opportunities for driving value by automating your process gaps and business needs through the integration or customization of your current systems. 


A typical integration will require input from multiple teams, including facilities, security, IT, and HR.


Detrios has experts who have spent years bridging the gaps between all of these teams and ensuring that the requirements and design of your integrated system factors in industry and manufacturer best practices while not losing sight of your primary goal: solving a unique problem that brings value to your business through integrated systems and automated solutions.

Solution Design

Your company may have domain experts who each understand the complex requirements of their systems: HR or Identity Mangement system, IT infrastructure, access control system, and building management systems.


Often the best way to solve a challenging problem is to bring in a new set of eyes that can approach the problem from a different perspective.


Detrios brings to the table experts in integrating multiple critical business systems with over a decade of experience designing robust, scalable, and supportable solutions. We have worked with hundreds of companies including Fortune 100 businesses, educational institutions from K-12 to some of the country's largest universities, government agencies, and small businesses to solve their unique needs. We put the expertise we’ve gained from designing and developing hundreds of solutions, in virtually every industry, to work for you.

Solution Development

After Detrios has worked with you to design the optimal solution to meet your unique needs, we provide you with the detailed requirements and design document that will be used by the development team to realize your vision.


With this document in hand, the next step is to identify whether your internal development team, our development team, or that of your system vendor provides you with the most value when it comes to developing and delivering your custom integration.


Find out more about Detrios' Custom Software Development Services and see what makes our team uniquely skilled.



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